Snow to Sunshine – My 4 months in Canada

Hey you beautiful people, Ive missed you! Sorry for the long break, I have been busy trying to get my shit together. Which basically meant I wrote a lot of lists and occasionally completed them.

So what has happened in the last two months. Well the snow has melted and Summer is fully on its way. This means however I am not tripping over snow mounds and gliding along ice risking my life. Invermere is coming to life, restaurants are opening, flowers are blooming and Lake Windermere has thawed and is just stunning.

Sparkly Lake Windermere

The scarf/coats/boots/jeans have all been ditched for, well nothing, as this was when I realised I did not pack for Summer. Improvising is certainly one thing I am getting good at for sure! (I did pack my Boots SPF30 sunscreen though, priorities)

One major change is that I have moved out of Staff accommodation! Woooooo! I have moved into a lovely little apartment where I do not have to share my bedroom, and somewhere I can call home. I have a little balcony and this is where I am sitting right now writing this in the sunshine.

One unexpected pleasure I have had so far of living in this apartment is my roommate. He is my friend/boss from work who needed a place to crash for a month or so. The only way I can sum up living with Aaron is “why were you not my roommate sooner”

Living with this guy, he has helped me with just some of the following:

  • After me moaning that the bathroom door doesnt lock, he showed me the weird Canandian way of pushing the handle in actually locks the door.
  • The houseplant I inherited was in fact real, not fake and that I had to water it
  • How to lock the front door without using your keys…
  • Marmite on toast topped with avocado is the most heavenly food combination ever.
  • He cleansed my room with white sage and I have had nothing but good nights sleep ever since. I had been struggling with my sleep when I moved in.

Aaron also got my ass to the gym and taught me how to do squats without falling backwards. Suprisingly, I struggle with my balance and topple over. NOT ANYMORE YO!

Movie Night, the sofa wasn’t good enough.

Now he has to leave and move onto greater things, (something he most certainly deserves) and even though I am so happy for him, I am wondering how I am going to cope without him as you see he clearly saves me from myself. He has said he will phone to check in to make sure I have not set the flat on fire and made sure I watered the plants.

Misbehaving at dinner

A planned pleasure of me moving into this apartment, is that my friend Hayley would be moving in to the apartment next door. When you live oceans away from everything and everyone you know, the friends you make here, become people you never want to let go. So as you can imagine I was super excited about being neighbours.

However, I would like to clarify one thing here. Hayley and I actually do not get on. If you were to listen to us, you would think we were about to start face slapping each other  In fact, many of the Canadians we work with often step in between us telling us to calm down and take 5. And because she and I are both dickheads, we make sure our arguing increases x100 when we around other collegues. I think they are getting used to it now…

Just some of the Pros of being neighbours:

  • I have a second wardrobe at my disposable and vice versa. Except my wardrobe is not ‘booby’ enough and ‘I need to sort that out’
  • Rough evening at work, both come home, change into pyjamas, have a drink and discuss that work really was not that bad
  • We both kick each to get out the house and do something. Which normally just involves drinking or eating.
She got me

The odd Con:

  • We are so used to being neighbours we do not even knock when we come round. Except you can be changing at that time when she decides to walk in.
  • She is not allowed to go on holiday without leaving her keys anymore. I steal the WiFi and I could not reset it for a week. Most inconsiderate.
In Hayley’s dress…

So I know I have not included any clumsy stories in this post, so heres a picture of me giving up on life after falling over for the sixth time when walking across Lake Louise back in April. Till next time guys!

me falling over.jpg

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I went Skating and Snowshoeing…

We have established in my previous posts that I am somewhat graceless. So as you will gather from the title of this post, my attempts to Snowshoe and Skate were an absolute disaster.


We know I didn’t get very far without snowshoes in Vancouver on Grouse Mountain. So when I went snow trailing up Panorama Mountain, I sensibly hired some snow shoes.

Snowshoes for those people back home that do not know…look a little bit like this:

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 12.38.11

This time, I was lucky to not be on my own. (means perfect insta pictures) Gemma was charmed with my presence at this point did not know how vertically challenged I really was. Mawahahahahaha.

So Gemma and I set off with our Snowshoes and walked to the beginning of the trail. Or what we thought was the beginning of the trail.

What was lying ahead of us was a wall of snow. When I say wall of snow, I mean as soon as you step into it it goes up to your thighs. I am no expert or anything, but I was pretty sure this was not the way to go. But Gemma and the lady in rental place was convinced this is the way. So of course we carry on.

Me standing (not kneeling) in the snow after fishing out my snow shoe…

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When I Lost my Visa and Other Important Things

Me trying to not loose stuff is like me not walking into something for a whole 30 minutes.

I am a very organised person. I run events with military precision, I have been known to do spreadsheet itineraries for holidays, and I have never ever missed a deadline.

However when it comes to keeping hold of my things, important things, I am absolutely incompetent.

I have lost countless oyster cards with A LOT of money on, I have had about 4 drivers licenses in the past two years, and do not get me started on the amount of bank cards I have had replaced.

You would think that while I was travelling around Canada earlier this year I would find a way to keep my important things safe.

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Snow, Ice and Me

Everyone knows I can barely walk 100 yards without tripping over the floor or walking into a lamp post.

So as you imagine me moving to Canada, in January, where there is a shit load of snow and ice, did not go down well with my friends and family. When I say not go down well,  I mean:

Mum: “Promise me you will not go skiing, you cannot not even walk up the stairs”

Dad: “Does your travel insurance cover high risk activities!?” (A.k.a walking)

Best Friend: “…yeah you are just going to die…”

There was plenty of other rude remarks but you get the general idea. Thanks friends.

I have been in Canada for over 6 weeks, 4 of which were spent up to my knees in snow and I am sorry to disappoint you all that I did not have ANY falls! (Slid, tripped, and glided do not count as falling ok!)

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Welcome to Winnipeg

If you follow me on instagram you would have seen I have spent some time in Winnipeg. Many people, in fact mostly the people that live there, ask astounded “Why are you in Winnipeg?”

Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba, and thats about all the facts I can give you. Actually that is a lie. Manitoba is in fact the Slurpee Capital of the World and WINNIPEG holds the No2 Spot for the World Slurpee Store. You will see most people drinking these frozen drinks in Winter and not Summer. No I do not understand why either.

Welcome to Winnipeg.

Reason I decided to visit? Because my two awesome mates, Sara and Katherine happen to live there. I was lucky to enough to meet them when they were living the dream in London. The most amazing thing was that as soon as I stepped off the flight they were both there waiting for me, and engulfed me in a, very much needed, bear hug.

Welcome to Winnipeg.

They didn’t even know Winnipeg had a sign….

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Reaching Canada – What the F*ck have I done?!

As most of you know I have packed my bags and hopped over the pond to Canada to spend a year on a Working Holiday Visa.

After a very comfortable flight, quick process through customs, and a dodgy photo from the customs robot,  I was allowed to sit in the queue at the immigration office, hoping my holiday visa was going to be granted.

So its my turn, I shakily hand over my papers, but he just wants my passport to ‘check my file’. He is taking what seems like a life time clicking the mouse every two seconds on the computer. What is he doing? Has the UK sent a warning out about me?

I mean, would you let me in, based on this photo?


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My Perfect Gin & Tonic

Let me share with you how I enjoy my gin at home and how I think there is more to the G&T than just gin and the tonic.

First the glass. At home I do not have gin goblet, however I do have a lovely tall Hobster Glass, so this is the next best thing.

Second the garnish. As wonderful as a slice of lemon down the pub is, we can be more creative. With a dry gin, I really enjoy grapefruit, pink grapefruit to be precise. I squeeze a little bit of the juice out to the bottom of the glass. I then slice a few thin pieces of the grapefruit.


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