My Perfect Gin & Tonic

Let me share with you how I enjoy my gin at home and how I think there is more to the G&T than just gin and the tonic.

First the glass. At home I do not have gin goblet, however I do have a lovely tall Hobster Glass, so this is the next best thing.

Second the garnish. As wonderful as a slice of lemon down the pub is, we can be more creative. With a dry gin, I really enjoy grapefruit, pink grapefruit to be precise. I squeeze a little bit of the juice out to the bottom of the glass. I then slice a few thin pieces of the grapefruit.


Third the ice. Ice is key. If you have a goblet, fill at least 2/3 to the top. Me I fill up to the top, thats my preference.

Add 50ml of your chosen gin to the glass. Add the slices of grapefruit to the glass. Make sure you layer it with the ice, so you get nice colour in the glass.

Add your chosen tonic. I have learnt that you need good tonic. Supermarket own brands have never really done it for me. (not a snob thing people). People love Fever-tree (probably because they are much sweeter), and you cant go wrong with it. I love the elderflower one, so I have the little cans always in my cupboard.


If you have guests, and want to impress you can do this. Serve the gin with the garnish and ice, but serve the tonic in the single bottle at the side of the glass so your guest can pour themselves. Everyone has their own preference to the amount of tonic they like.

I also use metal straws, environmentally friendly yo.


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