My name is Laura, I’m 28 from Essex, (no I do not sound like I am from TOWIE) a food, wine, coffee lover and I am clumsy as hell.

When I say clumsy, it’s tripping over while standing still, falling over on a flat surface, or breaking every wine glass in my cupboard.

Spacial Awareness is not really a thing and unlikely at my age to adopt. A wide hallway? I will still find a way to bump into you. I make friends very quickly as you can imagine!

I have just moved to Canada (Jan 18), and with my track record in things not going smoothly, there would be a few stories to tell. Aimed at friends and family and anyone else who feels like reading.

Follow my story, about how I adapt from swapping busy city London life to a slower paced mountain town in the Rockies.

travel collage
Just a few pictures of me on my travels. New York, Iceland, Norway, Germany, Italy and my home for many years in London. 

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