About Me 

Hey you guys, welcome to ClumsyLorr

If it was not obvious in the title, I am outrageously clumsy, and have gone by the name clumsy Laura practically since birth.

My signature move is walking into walls or pillars in shopping malls.

Some fun facts about myself for you:

  • I am 28, from the UK (Essex to be precise) and on a ‘Journey of self discovery’ or as I like to put it, winging at life.
  • I moved to Canada from London in January 2018, and somehow ended up in the middle of The Rocky Mountains.
  • I need good coffee, Yorkshire Tea and Instagram to function.
  • I attempted to write a lame blog for my friends and family and this is what I ended up with.

This is my story of how I survive, how I have adapted to mountain life and how I fallen (over) in love with Canada.

Laura x

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